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Pine Cree Regional Park

PineCree8As we walked through Pine Cree Park, we passed a man walking his dog who mentioned that we were now in a slice of B.C.

He couldn’t have been more right.

Pine Cree Regional Park, located just east of Eastend is an amazing spot on the prairie. Nestled in the hills, you would believe that you are in British Columbia with the trees and beautiful landscape around you.

A popular camping area, the park is often full of campers throughout the season. With three main hiking trails, you can get a good workout and see some of the vegetation in the park. We took one trail that took us up a hill that overlooks the park. We would have spent more time there but a thunderstorm was moving in.

Historic markers give you a clear understanding about how this park came to be and what makes it so popular. Recently, talking with a resident from Eastend, she remarked that Pine Cree Park was her favourite place to go in Saskatchewan and it is easy to see why.

Campsites aplenty here, along with some shelters, make it a great place to spend a weekend.

While you are here, why not take a trip over the Hermit’s Cave. Located up some steps along a trail in the park, it is a cute cave that many have left their mark on.

Cost to get in the park is $10

PineCree3 PineCree4 PineCree5 PineCree6

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