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Robsart – The Nearly Ghost Town


There is something interesting about going to ghost towns and here in southwest Saskatchewan, we have plenty of them.

Now, Robsart is not quite a ghost town, since it does have about 14 residents, but taking a trip around Robsart, you will see plenty of old buildings from a long-gone prosperous past. Located 68 kilometres south of Maple Creek, and about 40 kilometres to the west of Eastend, it is easy to find this hamlet. Robsart was once a village but after Jan. 1, 2002, it became a hamlet under the RM of Reno.

The hamlet popped up in 1910 when the CPR purchased a quarter section of land in the area. Named for Amy Robsart from the book Kenilworth, the first settlers began to arrive in the community three years later. Eventually, there would be over 30 businesses including a dentist, jeweller and a surgeon.

During the boom years from 1910 to the mid-1920s, the village became known as the Town with the Bright Future. Many new businesses came in and by 1920, there were 350 people in the town.

In 1918, the Robsart Hospital was built, which still stands and is one of the oldest examples of a prairie hospital in Western Canada.

The decline of Robsart began in 1929 when the grain elevator burned down. In 1930, a blaze wiped out a large section of the business core. With the Great Depression, the decline of Robsart continued.

In the 1980s, the town only had a few residents but those residents came together to restore the community hall, which still stands.

Today, it is a unique glimpse into a prairie past.

View our video tour of Robsart HERE


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